Installation Equipment - Installation Strain Gauge

Since more ten years, We install Strain gages (strain gauge) on customer parts. Our strain gauge installation four Technicians and two engineers work on-site or our laboratory. Each piece and installation equipment is delivered with a datasheet : Strain gage designation , cable designation, excitation,...

We have two oven for bonding cure, one temperature environmental test chamber, one calibration testing machine and two strain gages laboratories.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions

Examples Strain gauge installation equipment :

 prestationsursite1mini  prestationsursite2mini  prestationsursite3mini prestationsursite4mini


Custom Designed Sensors

We can design and build load cells sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors for standard or specific applications. For one part or short and large series

Why a specific sensor ? In some cases (specific dimensions, specific parameters,...) the standard sensors can't be used.Operation and technology remains the same (Used strain gages).

Examples specific sensors :

prestationcapteur1mini prestationcapteur2mini prestationcapteur3mini prestationcapteur4mini

Specific software

We have also a specific software. We have design and build a software for all users. Quick and easy measures. Two engineers develop the software and provides technical support for for our customers worldwide.


Cabinet and Measurement Box

Since more years we control : sensors, signal conditioners, data acquisition systems, data acquistion software and data analysis framework. DOERLER Mesures offers displays inside box or cabinet, also complete data acquistion systems.

Examples cabinet and measurement box :

prestationcoffret1mini prestationcoffret2mini prestationcoffret3mini prestationcoffret4mini prestationcoffret5mini

Certificate of Compliance

we suggest certificate of compliance for load cells sensors and pressure sensors.

Our means : a electro-mecanical calibration testing machine 600 KN tension-compression, pressure calibrator to 250 Bars, oven for temperature compensated from -40 to +200 °C.

On-site Measurement

We propose to come to your premises to perform measurements and to provide digital data and the end. The company offers its services in the measurement campaign setting for all types of physical measurements.

Examples On-site measurement :
prestationmesure1mini  prestationmesure2mini  prestationmesure3mini prestationmesure4mini 

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